This week we meet Karin one part of the twin pack behind the newly launched sustainable online shop KAUZANA  A trend-conscious vegan and a passionate animal rights activist, have teamed up to make sustainable consumption easily possible! 


Hi Karin! Tell us a bit about yourself…

I love nature, I love animals, I love being surrounded by inspiring people - and I love to work. I describe myself as a "healthy workaholic"– [laugh]. I've been at home in marketing and corporate communications since my business studies. In my 20 years of professional experience, I have got to know many international companies and had diverse responsibilities. I am very grateful for every single experience. This made me what I am today, from a professional perspective: Ready for my own online business. In my private life, my husband and two children are my balance to my job. When doing sports and meditating, I find this very important „me-time“ and inner peace.



Today the internet is full of product offerings. It can be really hard to find reliable sources for products that are ethical, sustainable and vegan.  Whether you are looking for something for your home, a fashion piece, natural cosmetics or a gift for a friend, you will enjoy browsing the KAUZANA Online Shop. You can stay assured that all products are fair, social and ecologically. This is our lifestyle and these are the standards we wish modern consumers have. We would love to know what inspired you to create KAUZANA

My twin sister Marion and I have always been very close to nature and animals. We became vegetarian at the age of 18 and also joined the first animal welfare association at this age. 1.5 years ago we switched our diet to vegan. I've been feeling better than ever since then. Marion, who has lived in Chile for almost 20 years, is very active in animal welfare in and around Santiago de Chile. She has rescued numerous stray cats and dogs. Further she was very actively involved in feeding and rescuing cows and horses in the hills around Santiago de Chile that were threatened by death due to the devastating drought in 2019 and 2020. All these circumstances and the cruel exploitation of humans, animals and nature have led us to question how the products we buy are made. We started looking for sustainable and vegan alternatives. We have found that it is very difficult to find sources that we can trust and that meet our standards of design and quality. In one of our conversations about more sustainable consumption, the idea for KAUZANA was born. Our vision is to make it as easy as possible for consumers to purchase fair, ecological and sophisticated products. We want to show that there are fantastic sustainable products to buy. The idea of ​​starting an online business together was never planned. It was a spontaneous idea, which arose due to a personal need and passion. The idea never left us. Today we are grateful that we dared to take this step.


What were your last two purchases? 

Believe it or not, I made my last two purchases at KAUZANA – [laugh]. I'm thrilled about the amazing labels we were able to win for our product range. All of these manufacturers have such fantastic products and such a wonderful mission. It fills me with joy and pride to test and use these products myself. Besides all the amazing home & living products made of wood and bamboo or organic cotton, very popular with me are the Flap Tote Vegan Driftwood by Qwstion  and the Moonlight Moonstone Gold bracelet from a Beautiful Story. By the way, both can be combined wonderfully with a Hurtig Lane watch.


Kauzana products

2020 has hit many small businesses. They need our support now more than ever. How can customers continue to support their favourite brands? 

2020 was a really special year for all of us. I agree with you, it hit small businesses especially hard - and unfortunately still does. Customer loyalty is more important than ever. The pandemic taught us that solidarity is very important. Many small businesses have come up with creative and innovative ideas so that they can continue to be there for their customers, even in times of crisis. We should use these offers and not be afraid of a possibly higher effort. Everyone who can should keep the economy alive. Positive feedback and encouraging words are also valuable support in difficult times. After all, behind every label are people with feelings and thoughts. Loyalty, solidarity and positivity, that's what counts more than ever for me.


Finally what is your favourite Hurtig Lane watch and why? 

When I first discovered Hurtig Lane, I thought the Mykonos series would be my favorite. But now I'm totally in love with the Amalfi series. I like the play of dimensions between the dial and the bracelet. The watch is an absolute eye-catcher, albeit it does not impose itself. Timeless yet modern. Since I like to wear gold jewelry, the Amalfi Vegan Leather Watch Gold/Grey/Grey is my absolute favourite. By the way, The Hurtig Lane watches have been among our best sellers right after the launch of our KAUZANA Online Shop.

Amalfi vegan watch


Sustainability and style 👌🏻 in a double pack. Together with itkids (, KAUZANA is currently raffling off an Amalfi Vegan Leather Watch from Hurtig Lane and a children's watch from Millow Paris. The competition runs until January 20th, 10 p.m. (CET). Have a look at KAUZANA on Instagram (, dare yourself to win this amazing raffle.

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