This week we met Claire from Cruelty Free With Me. A Canadian blogger, fitness fanatic, fashionista and soon to be podcaster! Based in Calgary; Claire is passionate about body positivity, beauty & fitness and promoting the Vegan message! 

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Well I go by Cruelty-Free With Me on Instagram but my real name is Claire Buchanan :) I love to show people that you can live a happy & healthy life without harming others.

We can often find you keeping fit and boxing on Instagram. When did you start boxing and how did you discover you had a passion for this sport?

I started boxing/kickboxing 5 years ago at a franchise studio and fell in love at first punch! It’s such an amazing workout not only for your body but for your mind! There are so components to boxing, hence why they call it the ‘sweet science.’ 😏 If you’re looking for a great stress relief but also a killer workout boxing is for YOU!

With many struggling with feelings of loneliness during these times of isolation, what advice would you give to people in order to keep their stress levels down and remain positive?

Now is the perfect time to work on all those side projects you’ve never had the time for. I truly believe we can come out of this stronger mentally and physically if we grind. Take some online courses, I’m currently doing a vegan nutrition course, and some personal development ones. Why not learn something new? I just started guitar lessons! Start an at home workout plan, if you need one I can totally help with that too!

We were really excited to hear that you will be releasing a Podcast in the near future. Can you share with us a sneak preview as to what we can look forward to? 
Yes!! So excited about the podcast! It’s called Living Cruelty-Free With Me where we will be answering all your questions about living a cruelty-free life, we’re covering all the bases - activism, health, wellness, business, beauty, fashion, sustainability, minimalism, and lifestyle! 💗I will even be venturing into deeper topics like pursuing your passions, building confidence, and managing your mental health in the world of AR activism! ⁣ ~
It’s all about evolving & elevating to live the most conscious and kind life you possibly can. 🙏🏼 ~
& please go follow @livingcrueltyfreewithme to stay in the loop! ✊🏼

Finally what is your favourite Hurtig Lane watch and why? 
This is my fav watch!! It’s so chic! I have all the colour straps so that I can continuously change them up depending on what I’m wearing that day! ❤️ That’s what I love so much about Hurtiglane! Thanks for creating a product that doesn’t hurt animals! 😀

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