Vegan Makeup Brushes- Cruelty free & Sustainable

Discover the perfect blend of sustainability, ethics, and beauty with Hurtig Lane's vegan makeup brushes. Our collection offers luxurious and soft brushes that are entirely free from animal fur and animal testing – a true embodiment of cruelty-free beauty.

Elevate Your Makeup Routine with Our Rose Gold Vegan Makeup Brushes

Our passion for ethical fashion and beauty extends to the very core of our brand. That's why, unlike other companies claiming their products as "cruelty-free" while still using animal fur in their brushes, we at Hurtig Lane stay true to the vegan ethos. By ensuring our entire range is free from any animal-derived materials, we proudly display our PETA-approved vegan status.

Sustainable Materials and Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

Caring for the planet is paramount to our mission, which is why we meticulously craft our makeup brush collections using sustainable materials. Featuring synthetic fibres that mimic the texture of animal fur, our brushes are made with sustainable wood or bamboo handles, recycled aluminium tubing, and soft, high-quality bristles.

When you invest in our ethical makeup brush sets, rest assured that even the packaging aligns with our eco-friendly principles. Our brushes arrive beautifully presented in organic cotton gift bags, making them an ideal gift for yourself or the conscious beauty lover in your life.

Wood Vegan Makeup Brushes
Vegan Bambo Makeup Brushes
All Vegan Makeup Brushes

Our Cruelty-free makeup brushes are

  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly 
  • Soft & kind to your skin 
  • Suitable for liquid & powder makeup
  • Free from all animal products & testing
  • Individual & full makeup brush sets 



Liquid Foundation Makeup Brush- Vegan 

Beautifully hand crafted sustainable wood Vegan Liquid Foundation makeup brush. Cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Made with ethically sourced wood and synthetic nylon bristles, free from animal cruelty.

You can achieve professional results by applying your foundation using our brush. Use circular motions to blend the foundation into your skin and achieve an airbrushed appearance. These circulation motions are also a perfect way to boost skin blood flow and help fight signs of ageing!

Our sustainable wood vegan brush is perfect for those looking for an easy application of foundation and to ensure a smooth flawless finish, our liquid foundation brush is ideal for a full coverage look!


Full Vegan Makeup Brush Set- Bamboo & Silver 

Beautifully hand crafted eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo brushes. Cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Made with ethically sourced bamboo and synthetic nylon bristles, free from animal cruelty. Our full set comes with an organic natural cotton gift bag. Complete set of brushes for face, eyes and cheeks!


Full Vegan Makeup Brush Set- Sustainable Wood & Black

Beautifully hand crafted eco-friendly and sustainable wood makeup tools. Cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Made with ethically sourced bamboo and synthetic nylon bristles, free from animal cruelty. Our full set comes with an organic natural cotton gift bag. 

Brushes included in our set

- Large Powder Brush

- Flat foundation/concealer brush

- Large Liquid/Powder Makeup Brush 

- 3 Eyeshadow brushes in different sizes for applying and blending eyeshadow. 

- Angled eyebrow brush and crease brush. 


3 Piece Eye & Brow Vegan Set- Sustainable Wood & Rose Gold

Beautifully hand crafted sustainable wood Vegan 3 Piece Eye and Brow Makeup Brush Set. Perfect for applying eyeshadow and blending in shades.

Our vegan eyebrow brush is ideal for brushing, blending and sculpting your eyebrows. Cruelty free and environmentally friendly. 

Made with ethically sourced sustainable wood and synthetic nylon bristles, free from animal cruelty. 

This trio set is perfect for smokey eyes and fluffy eyebrows! 

Elevate Your Beauty Routine with Luxurious Vegan Makeup Brushes and Sets by Hurtig Lane

Explore our curated collection of premium, cruelty-free, vegan makeup brushes and sets designed to elevate your beauty experience.

Indulge in guilt-free luxury by choosing a complete brush set or an iconic single brush that showcases your commitment to ethical beauty.

Vegan and cruelty-free makeup has never been more in-demand or essential, yet often, makeup application brushes are overlooked in the quest for compassionate cosmetics.

Traditional brushes are frequently made from animal-derived furs, making them unsuitable for animal lovers. When described as "natural fibres," such brushes are in fact not vegan-friendly.

The primary distinction between vegan and non-vegan brushes lies in the bristles used. Non-vegan brushes typically employ animal hair from sources such as squirrels, horses, foxes, or minks. This practice is cruel, unnecessary, and goes against the values of ethical beauty and fashion.

It's crucial to remember that "cruelty-free" and "vegan" are not synonymous. While cruelty-free implies that products haven't been tested on animals, vegan ensures that they are devoid of all animal-derived ingredients and materials.

Our vegan brushes are crafted from synthetic fibres such as Taklon and Nylon, which are not sourced from animals. The soft and delicate Taklon is complemented by the slightly firmer Nylon to offer a versatile range of brushes, suitable for both powder and liquid makeup applications.

In addition to being an ethical alternative, we believe our synthetic brushes outperform their animal-derived counterparts. They are recognised for their exceptional longevity, durability, and ease of maintenance – making them an excellent investment for your makeup routine.

Hurtig Lane brushes are not only vegan and cruelty-free but also embrace sustainable practices, ensuring that all our collections align with our core values of compassion and care for animals, people, and the planet.

Select from our elegant, professional, and eco-conscious vegan brush sets or individual brushes, all designed to deliver a flawless finish without the inclusion of a single animal hair.

Experience the ultimate luxury of Hurtig Lane's vegan makeup brushes, and take an ethical stance in your beauty journey.

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