Our Australian Pink Clay Face Mask

When developing our new face clay mask we spent months researching and testing ingredients and we are excited to share with you our new Australian Pink Clay Face Mask! 

Why Australian Pink Clay?

Australian Pink Clay is the only clay that is suitable for all skin types from dry to oily! Clay masks are perfect to draw out toxins, cleanse your skin and reduce pore size. As well as being full of great skin boosting properties, Australian Pink Clay does not dry out your skin. We knew this miracle pink powder was going to be the star ingredient in our new beauty range!

Not just a pretty pink! 

Other brands of Pink Clay masks often only contain a small amount of Australian Pink Clay- usually around 10-15%- Our Pink Clay mask is a shade of dusty pink, not only does this mask look so pretty on your shelf but it owes it colour due to containing 55% of pure Australian Pink Clay Mask. Australian Pink Clay is the most important ingredient in our mask which is why decided to make it the largest!


What is Australian Pink Clay?

Pink clay also known as Kaolin. Kaolin Pink Clay is rich in vitamins and minerals. Our clay is organic and ethically sourced from Australia. 

What is the benefit of Pink clay?

Australian Pink Clay is taking the skin care industry by storm! Ideal for all skin types. Rich in minerals including Silica, Pink Clay masks help to restore and replenish skin with moisture, draw out toxins, impurities and dirt all while lightly exfoliating the skin with its slightly grainy texture. Pink Clay is known to help reduce irritation and inflammation from skin concerns such as acne by soothing and balancing skin and promoting healthy cell renewal.

How much Australian Pink Clay is in your mask?

Australian Pink Clay is the star ingredient in our mask so we thought that it was only right that we made this our biggest ingredient! Our masks contain 55% of pure Australian Pink Clay, unlike other brands which only contain between 10-15%. 

I have very dry skin how should I use this mask?

Unlike other clays, Australian Pink Clay is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. We recommend that you do not wait for the mask to entirely dry before washing off, if you have particularly dry skin. Our mask is infused with coconut oil to help replenish and moisturise your skin! 

Will Australian Pink Clay help my acne?
Our Australian Pink Clay has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Drawing out toxins, reducing pore size and purifying your skin it is not a surprise that many have noticed a drastic improvement with their skin. Our Pink Clay soaks up excess oil without drying your skin and helps cleanse and draws out dirt from deep within the pores. Our masks also contain witch hazel a natural acne fighter and pomegranate which boosts cellular turnover.
*Do not use our mask on broken skin.
Great tip!- You can use a small amount of our mask on your spots and leave on overnight to help dry out acne caused by oily skin. 
Will the mask be suitable for my skin?

Our Australian Pink Clay mask is suitable for all skin types, however we do advise that you do a skin patch test before using for the first time. From dry, sensitive and oily skin our Pink Clay will draw out toxins and hydrate your skin. Let your inner beauty shine!

What makes Hurtig Lane's Pink Clay Mask special?

Unlike other brands of clay masks which contain 10-15% of pink clay. Our masks clay content is up to 55% meaning high quality and faster results. Unlike most clay masks, our packaging is sustainable and reusable. Our masks arrive in a pretty food grade glass jar with an Acacia wood lid and a complimentary bamboo application brush.

Is your packagaing sustainable?

We are a vegan company so we care deeply about our planet and the animals living on it. Not only is our packaging sustainable and reusable it is so pretty and we hope that you will love it as much as we do! Our glass jars are food grade and heat resistant, so you can reuse them after use! Our box packaging is made from recycled cardboard and our application brushes are made from bamboo and recycled aluminium. 


Australian Pink Clay Mask 120ml

Naturally high in Silicia, Zinc and Magnesium, Australian Pink Clay  is more than just pretty powder. Our pink clay mask draws out toxins, impurities and reduces the sizes pores- all whist locking in moisture! Collagen boosting and a natural antioxidant discover brighter, clearer skin today! 

REVIEW by Charlotte at The Global Shuffle

There are all sorts of clays used in skin products all over the world - white clays, yellow, green and red - but pink clays have unique properties that do wonders for your complexion.

Pink clay specifically contains silicia - a natural ingredient that helps with skin regeneration and collagen production - along with zinc and magnesium that are natural anti-inflammatories and can help rejuvenate damaged skin.

All pink clay masks promise to help with dryness, discolouration, uneven skin tone and give wearers a nice glowy look. While the active ingredient in all pink clay masks is, well, pink clay, not all masks are made equally.

Hurtig Lane's mask claims to use a significantly greater percentage of pink clay, along with an infusion of aloe vera, rose extract and - my skin care holy grail - coconut oil.


My skin felt smoother immediately after washing the clay off.

The mask definitely hydrated my skin and evened out the tone and discolouration right from the very first application.

It worked so well I didn’t feel the need to apply make up before taking a few snaps afterwards with no make up (like the one below), and I never take pictures without make up, so that was a nice surprise.

I did notice a brightness to my face in a way that no one else would, but that has been my experience with face masks in general.

There are loads of Instagrammers who seem to use face masks, and BAM, they glow, buuuuut I am yet to use a face mask that has that kind of effect.

Nevertheless, I am more than happy knowing I can see the glow, because that’s what matters.

My skin texture stayed smooth over the next few days even after going to gym a few times and wearing a full face of make up, so I’ll definitely finish the pot.

Read the full review here. 


See what some of our customers are saying!

The texture of the mask is prefect, it applies evenly and smoothly on the skin. After use skin appears brighter and smoother. Sometimes we find masks can be drying but there were no concerns following the use of this product.
My skin felt smoother immediately after washing the clay off. The mask definitely hydrated my skin and evened out the tone and discolouration right from the very first application.
I absolutely love the smell, also it's not very drying like other clay masks and finally I was very surprised to take it off and not have my skin feel tight. Very lovely product!
My experience with clay masks have been messy and drying but this mask was none of them. Super easy to apply and I only had to keep it on a few minutes. No irritation, no drying and feeling fresh afterwards.


Discover the organic, vegan ingredients in our Australian Pink Clay Mask and their benefits to your skin!

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