My journey that led to where I am today and where I’ll continue to go, all began with me stumbling upon a Marc Ching video about the Yulin Dog eating festival. One video lead to the next and I found LA Animal save a save Movement that helps give three day dehydrated pigs water before slaughter. Immediately I had to help end this cruelty, and started fostering, and attending vigils. 

When I’m not on the farm, I’m in Beverly Hills helping people feel beautiful inside and out with only cruelty-free products!
​I met Marc at one of these Vigils and began our friendship and my journey to further rescue animals. We saved orphaned pigs, and chickens from the California wildfires and my foster fail became Rad Rescue. This is only the beginning for me and our quest to end animal cruelty.

I try to help promote and educate people about cruelty free alternatives, and donate 10% of every client proceed to animal rescues.
My constant research helps me find more brands to help support and further helps put every last penny invested in animal care and environmental protection. I always try to shop and eat at places that donate back the cause, and are environmentally conscious.
​The more biodegradable clothing and packaging  the better. I have many people to thank and look up to, and only hope I lead by example and be the change I wish to see.

If you would like to help support Jenny then please visit her fund raising page