I've always been very flexible in life and have changed in so many ways over the years. Adaptability, in my opinion, is the biggest factor of success.

But a couple of things have always been a part of me, and will be there forever - my wanderlust, my appetite for new experiences and adventures - and my infinite love for animals.
The road to a life where we can truely say that we are not hurting any beings, be it animal or human, is not easy nor short. 

It doesn't only involve a lot of effort, conscious behaviour and being honest to yourself - it also makes you grow immensely and challenges you every day.

 For me, the road is full of bumps, falling and getting back up - but I truely feel that every step is bringing me closer to happiness and a healthy lifestyle. 

Being vegan is not an overnight decision for many, and can also mean being a flexitarian and/or vegetarian first.

But every little bit helps, and sustainable, cruelty-free fashion is one of the easiest steps to take for any one of us. I am taking my Hurtig Lane watches around the world with me, want to see our adventures?

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