Creamy, rich and most importantly cruelty-free. Discover some of our favourite brands. We have been sure to find brands that deliver, so that you can stay safe at home! 
Brand: NoMo (No Missing Out)
Location: UK 
They have got you covered. From bars, Easter eggs and snacks Nomo have something for every craving. Dark, fruity or creamy.. you are sure to find your perfect sweet treat! 
Our favourite: Fruit and Crunch! The perfect combination of smooth creamy vegan choc with crunchy crispy pieces and juicy raisins.
Where to buy: Amazon, Asda, Waitrose and Holland & Barratt 


Brand:DT Chocolates (Devine Treasures) 
Location: USA- Online 
DT Chocolates are gluten-free and Vegan. They are passionate about creating treats which are healthy and sustainable. They believe that chocolates should be enjoyed without damage to the environment or our bodies- naturally free of cholesterol, trans-fats, and all other unwanted elements found in animal-based ingredients. You can enjoy a guilt-free treat!  A perfect combination of rich and sweet you will be sure to find something to satisfy your craving! 
Our favourite: We just adore the truffles, please check out their full truffle collection! It was hard very hard to pick, but just in the lead was the Bon Bon Truffle
Where to buy: On their website here *please note they only ship to locations in the US* 

Location: Germany and online worldwide 
Vegan and palm oil free, we first discovered this chocolate in Mallorca! A huge collection of nutty and milky flavours we fell in love immediately. Their chocolate is perfect for cooking, snacking and indulging! 
Favourite : Supernut! Bold nutty flavours with a creamy milk free chocolate! 
Where to buy: This brand is the easiest to find online with many online retailers stocking a range of iChoc bars. 

Think a chocolate is missing from this list? Let us know! 

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