Hurtig Lane is a female owned vegan brand, passionate about accessories & beauty that is kind to both the planet and everyone living on it. We give-back to causes close to our hearts. Find out how your support has enabled us to work with charities and organisations which support women both locally and globally in 2022.


Food, Clothes & Toy Bank

We have been working with several donation banks in the area to provide clothes, food and toys to vulnerable families in need. Many of those in need have escaped domestic abuse and are starting again, in need of support. 


Opportunities for women

We have been working with organisations to help bring job opportunities to skilled women in developing countries. We have been able to provide work and pay for training for two women. 


Vulnerable Pregnant Women

We have donated baby clothes, nappies, formula and toys to pregnant women in the Murcia and Alicante region who have found themselves with little to no support and in very vulnerable living situations. 


Fundacion Anabella

Is run by a network of female survivors of domestic abuse. Providing support and raising awareness of gender violence, in over 80 countries worldwide. We are proud to donate to such a needed cause. 

We would not be able to continue with this great work without your support. Thank you for picking vegan, cruelty-free and enabling us to give-back. You can read more about how we donate both our time and a percentage of our profits here

Are there any charities or initiatives that you would love to see us support? Please let us know! 

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