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Bee Jewellery- Inspired by Bumblebees

Bee Jewellery made from solid silver and 10% of all profits are donated directly to the Bee Conservation Trust.
Meet Hurtig Lane's new collection is inspired by the undeniable beauty of the Bumblebee. The Bee Lovely jewellery collection aims to capture the true sparkle of this tiny but mighty insect. Did you know that these insects are responsible for making nature blossom? Our delicate necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made from 100% recycled silver with 18k gold or platinum plating. Our jewellery is perfect for the insect lover in your life! 

Honey Bees are not only cute insects but they are an essential part of making nature blossom! Bees and other pollinators are vital for global food security. ... Put simply, we cannot live without bees! 

Sadly they are in decline and we must save them! A portion of all sales from this collection is donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 

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